Robbie McCauley


Robbie McCauley in a scene from More SUGAR at ArtsEmerson

Robbie McCauley in a scene from More SUGAR at ArtsEmerson

Robbie McCauley’s SUGAR premiered in Boston at ArtsEmerson in January 2012.

Robbie’s interest in health disparities, reflected in the social, historical and global scope of diabetes, underlies her collaboration with AIC, which set up several multi-session story circles for Robbie and other Boston-area diabetics and also put her in contact with medical and public health professionals who acted as advisors.

Robbie has submitted two Prospectus contributions, both related to More SUGAR: new poems, dialogues and journal entries as well as excerpts from work-in-progress versions of the script; and dining table placemats created in collaboration with photographer Marie Cieri and graphic designer Andrew Liebchen that can be downloaded for printing below.

New poems, prose, script excerpts and dialogues by Robbie McCauley.

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Excerpts from Work-in-Progress Versions of SUGAR

Excerpts from Work-in-Progress Versions of SUGAR

Minnesota Memory Snatches

“Minnesota Memory Snatches”

Starting a Story Circle

“Starting a Story Circle”

Food and Life 2

Food and Life 2

Really old now

“Really old now”



SHOCK 3-31-12

“SHOCK 3-31-12”

Other lines 6/6/11 early a.m.

Other lines 6/6/11 early a.m.



sweet nothing

“sweet nothing”

SUGAR cross words

“SUGAR cross words”

Silent words

Silent words

SUGAR Placemat

This placemat, with text from Robbie McCauley’s SUGAR, was produced for the Health Table at Artists in Context’s launch dinner on October 9, 2009.

Click image to download a PDF. Optimal printing is 13″ x 19″.

More SUGAR dining table placemat

Health Table placemat by Robbie McCauley (text); Marie Cieri (photo); and Andrew Liebchen (graphic design)


McCauley headshotA professor in the Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College, Robbie McCauley has been an active presence in performance art and avant-garde theater for nearly four decades. All of her work is rooted in the African-American tradition of storytelling and is pointed towards expansion of public discourse over issues of race/ethnicity and class in this country and abroad. In the 1990s, she received both an OBIE Award (Best Play) and a New York Dance and Performance (BESSIE) Award for Sally’s Rape, which she wrote, directed and performed in many locations nationally and internationally. In the same decade, McCauley worked with The Arts Company on Primary Sources, a series of three multi-media theater works dealing with race and class relations in this country using pivotal events from the 1960s and 1970s in Mississippi, Boston and Los Angeles as her starting points. Widely anthologized, Robbie is included in Joni Jones’s Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic (2010) and is writing an experimental memoir focusing on the history of her family, her work as an artist and the changing face of race, class and health issues in the US. Additionally, she was among  50 USA Artist Fellows for 2012.