Andrews Film Showing in Los Angeles through August

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Peephole Cinema and Automata are presenting The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes by Prospectus artist Nancy Andrews along with Gina Marie Napolitan’s Blaxton’s Point 24/7 as part of Maiden LA — A Network of Events around LA in August. Screenings occur 24/7 through a peephole in the door at Automata, 504 Chung King Court, Los Angeles.

In The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes, brain scientist, Dr. Sheri Myes, uses herself as the test subject for sensory enhancement and acquires super-senses. As she sets out to develop ways to extend human sensory abilities, she is isolated by her obsessions and blind to the love, hate and self-interest that surrounds her.  The film and web series is a hybrid of live-action, animation and song.

Andrews’ Prospectus projects can be viewed here.