This Saturday: Walking Tour of Ashland with Artist Dan Borelli

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Under the rubric “There Is More Work to Be Done,” Prospectus artist Dan Borelli will lead a walking tour of Ashland and the areas in the Town contaminated by the Nyanza Superfund site. Walkers should gather on Saturday, September 9, at 1 p.m. at The Corner Spot, 1-19 Pleasant St., Ashland, where Dan will give a 30-minute overview. Afterwards, the group will take a 30- to 45-minute walk through downtown Ashland, then proceed to the MBTA access road to view the Nyanza Superfund site cap and the Ashland Memorial Healing Garden.

Connected to Dan’s Prospectus project, The Cloud of Unknowing and his subsequent projects under the heading Illuminating Futures as well as vandalism of the Illuminating Futures Memorial Healing Garden in May (see related Prospectus news item), the tour is meant to continue work in Ashland to counter the effects of the Nyanza contamination: “Come talk, walk, learn & heal as we tour the grounds & talk about our efforts to erase this from our town.”

The tour has been organized by the Ashland Citizens Action Committee (ACAC):  #keepashlandsafe