Updates on Long-Term Project in Sweden by Daniel Peltz

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Prospectus artist Daniel Peltz (Unrealized Gain/Loss) has been working on an artistic research project coming out of a ten-year engagement with the Swedish glass factory town of Rejmyre. He recently exhibited the current state of that work, Seeking an Any Thing in the ruins of Rejmyre’s Future, as part of an exhibition at Färgfabriken Konsthall in Stockholm. The presentation of the work included a model for a new pavilion, a refuge for unemployed logging elephants from Myanmar, to be erected in Rejmyre, designed in collaboration with the Danish architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard. The presentation was augmented by a performance lecture, developed to accompany the exhibition, with the Romanian performance philosopher Ioana Jucan.

As part of the project in Rejmyre, Peltz has also been working to develop a new official division, within the regional government that the glass factory belongs to, called The Bureau of Irrational Affairs. The bureau offers a model of philosophical and aesthetic governance, making space for officially sanctioned projects that operate outside the rational sphere. The next stage of this long-term, multi-layered work will be featured in an exhibition in April 2018 at the Norrköping Art Museum.