D’Ignazio + Sutton Project in MIT’s “Big Bang Data” Exhibition

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Boston Coastline: Future Past, a “walking data visualization” produced by Prospectus artist Catherine D’Ignazio (Erase the Border) and local artist Andi Sutton, is on view through March 30, 2018 in the exhibition Big Bang Data at the MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA.

“Boston Coastline: Future Past is a collaborative project that captures the future and past of the city of Boston through embodied experience.  Performed in Boston in 2015, 40 participants walked parts of a virtual coastline that traced both the city’s border in 1788 as well as one that is predicted for 2100 based on climate change and rising seas.

“During the performance, participants listened to guest speakers reflect on Boston’s past and climate future and wore messages that they composed about their hopes, fears and grief for the future.  The messages were used to stencil temporary graffiti messages on the paths of the Boston Common.”

The exhibition includes a video of the piece, stenciled messages and ephemera from the performance, and a wall-mounted print comparing the past and future coastlines.